My 7 Links: a peek into the archives

OK, this was a bit of a surprise.
For all those other obsessive-travel-blog-readers like myself, seeing the Tripbase My 7 Links project probably isn’t anything new, as it’s been spreading like wildfire through the blogosphere during the past week or so. The idea: build a community of bloggers and a resource of travel articles by collectively unearthing 7 of the most significant blog posts from various archives around the web. The process: someone tags you, you select 7 posts based on categories, and then choose an additional 5 bloggers to follow suit.

Mostly, I was seeing 7 Links posts popping up at the bigger blogs I follow, places whose writers are far more adept at writing ‘Top 5 Things to Do In X’ and ’8 Things All Travellers Should Know About Y’ than I – and consequently, places which are far better suited to participate in this project. I mean, what could seriously be ABH’s most controversial post? The most helpful? I put pictures up and sometimes manage to attach words as well, but generally suck at writing resources for travellers. So when my favourite Megan at On My Way RTW tagged me – not gonna lie – though pleasantly surprised, I thought, ‘Huh…what could I contribute?’ But then I began seeing more 7 Links posts and reading other interpretations of it, and thought, ‘Alright, why not try.’

So a million thanks to Megan, for thinking of me, and onwards!

1) My most beautiful post

I’m going to avoid making a reference to choosing children, because that just sounds douchey. There are more than a few posts on here which I’m proud of, but I’d have to say that this one goes to patchwork. This was one of my first posts after I moved to Korea, and for me, it reflects how deeply I was falling in love with the life I’d found here. Knee-deep in the honeymoon stage, I wanted share something that encompassed even just a sample of the vibrancy I’d been experiencing. Also, in this post I see the widest scope of photographic styles. Close runners up were lights on the water (mostly because I love that second picture of my friends Amy and Andy…and who doesn’t adore lanterns?!) or Maltese dreamin’. Tip: if you ever get me on the topic of Malta, I WILL NOT STOP TALKING.

2) My most popular post

Hands down, this one goes to Taiwan, I’ve done you wrong. This was the first post of mine to be featured on the TBEX Weekly Roundup, which was crazy exciting for me, and remains the most heavily viewed post on ABH. I was really touched by the comments and it definitely made me grin to think that it might have changed some people’s image of Taiwan. Mostly, I’m just happy to spread the love for Formosa!

3) My most controversial post

I’m not a fan of drama and would like to keep it off of this blog, so I’m thankful that this one stumped me. However, while this didn’t generate any heated comments, my last post on London was the only one in which I touched on my true opinion of the city. London is certainly a vibrant place, but definitively not for me: too expensive, too pretentious, and too damn creepy.

4) My most helpful post
I suck at resources. Really, I do. In the next few months I want to start putting more up here, especially as I delve into further travels, but for now, I’d have to say that my most helpful post is actually my ‘About’ page. I’m quite a private person and for the longest time, the bio I had up here was a simple sentence and a link to my Flickr. Recently, however, I decided to man up and share something a bit more substantial about myself. It will, I hope, serve to give some perspective on the eyes behind the lens and the girl behind the blog.

5) A post whose success surprised you

Well, my first Taiwan post takes the cake on this by far, but I’d also have to say notes from the forest of steel and bamboo. This post on Hong Kong was also featured on the TBEX Weekly Roundup, and helped bring a lot of traffic to ABH. It helps that there were a lot of HK expats or residences who had opinions to share!

6) A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

OK, seriously guys, I love street art and want to hear what y’all have to say about its presence in the cities you’ve visited. So go check out street art in Macau: Whodathunk? and share your opinions!

7) The post that you are most proud of

Before this blog, I kept a friends-only journal stemming from prepubescence that consisted mostly of travel photo dumps with minimal text to accompany them. That method is fine on the eye, but pretty insubstantial overall. When I decided to go public and start Anywhere But Home, I wanted to make a change and start blogging about places more closely, picking out specific instances and moments from my travels and giving them the attention they deserved. A moment of madness was the first post in which I attempted to do so, reflecting on my last night in Chile, and it really encompassed what I wanted to start writing more of. This post, to me, represents that tiny first step outside of my blogging shell.

And now, onto the nominations:
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Kirstin @ Ivory Pomegranate
Kristina @ The Vagablond
Ross @ We’re Lost and Everything is Dirty
Jasmine @ Jasmine Wanders

Spread the love, y’all :)

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3 Responses to My 7 Links: a peek into the archives

  1. Megan 9 July, 2011 at 07:25 #

    So glad I tagged you :) And yes, that’s the great thing about this project – it’s completely open to your own interpretation. Loved going back through your archives, and I love your first love letter to Korea – I can’t wait to get there!

    • na-o-mi 25 July, 2011 at 03:03 #

      You are going to looooooooooove it here!!! :)

  2. Ruth 10 July, 2011 at 19:48 #

    Your photos are gorgeous Naomi! Your posts about Korea make me feel like I’ve been missing so much! We’ll have to try to meet up some time so you can show me some of the amazing places you’re been discovering!

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